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    Top : Contests And Sweepstakes » Entries Services

    1. Acuwin.com
    Automated sweepstakes entry service. Membership includes a personalized email address and discussion forum.
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    2. Cascoly SweepsWinner
    Offering software that automates contest and sweepstakes entries and keeps track of contests already entered.
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    3. Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest
    Win up to $500.00 in cash prizes! Write a poem, 30 lines or fewer or a short story, 5 pages maximum! Visit the website for details.
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    4. ientersweeps.com
    Let Our Automated Sweepstakes Entry Service Enter You In Thousands of Sweepstakes And You Can Track Your Winnings With Your Own Personalized Email. What Have You Got To Win!
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    5. Lightsy Sweepstakes
    Service that submits entries for online sweepstakes and contests. Subscribers may choose from two packages.
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    6. Prize Focus
    Automatic UK competition and prize draw entry service.
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    7. Prizeforms
    Entry forms service includes a free monthly newsletter with prize drawings, news and advice on entering UK competitions. Also offers slogan tips.
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    8. ShortWin
    Automatic sweepstakes entry service for U.S. residents offering guaranteed submission to a minimum of 50 sweepstakes every month. Selection of packages available.
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    9. Sweeps Freak Headquarters
    Entry service which tracks and enters online sweepstakes on behalf of the subscriber.
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    10. Sweepstakewizard
    Members are automatically added to several free sweepstakes every day. No need to find the good sweeps and enter the forms by hand.
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    11. Turbo Sweeps
    Free downloadable software to use for personal entry of online sweepstakes.
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    12. WinForMe
    North American sweepstakes entry service offering automatic entry into at least 50 online sweepstakes and giveaways every month. Offers a selection of membership packages.
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    13. Zaptastic
    Software that automatically completes and sends web prize forms with the user's profile.
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